Wacky Chad

Wacky Chad

Stunt Comedian

Wacky Chad’s award winning pogo stick skills, charmingly funny jokes, and wild antics got him on America’s Got Talent (Twice!), and a performance at the Superbowl.

For more than a decade, he has entertained thousands of crowds at sporting events, festivals, theaters all over the world!

Halftime POGO Routines:
Comedy Pogo Intro
Jump over rope 7′ high  (2 Assistants Hold Rope High)
Backflip over 3 Assistants
Extreme Pogo Tricks and Full Flip +Comedy
Pogo Dunks – Foul Line, Under Leg Dunk Finale
+90 Second Routines:
Tall Unicycle Spin Ball Dunk
Handstand On Skateboard 
Tiny Bicycle

Career Highlights

 As seen on AGT, The Gong Show, and more!

Performed at Super Bowl XLVIII

Award-Winning Pogo Stick Tricks & Performances 

Performances in Over 25 Countries