Modern Divination by Raven

Modern Divination

by Raven

Entertaining celebrities like Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester and fashion designer Vera Wang.  Raven is one of the most sought after intuitive entertainers and for good reason. She brings the elusive wow factor to events. Her 15 years of experience lets her connect with any group in any environment. Sneak a glimpse of your future potential. Gain a greater understanding of your strengths, talents, and passions. Now is your chance to experience the same accurate modern divination as celebrities.

Her unique Talents Include: Modern Palmistry, Modern Tarot, Doodleology, & Chocolate Divination

Having Raven perform the tarot card and palm readings were such an amazing addition to our event! Her lively energy and genuine interest in the logistics, execution, and details of the event made the process and ability to collaborate much easier! The communication exchange was seamless, and I always received a response from Raven and Fresh Variety within 24 hours of my initial email. She is a professional in the field and it really shows in her readings and interactions with the students. We booked her for a 3-hour time slot and they were all filled within the next 40 minutes of the first push for advertising! The students had nothing but good things to say about her and I cannot wait to include her talents in our future events! Thank you so much!
Karen Hutchison, Rhodes College

Virtual Divination

by Raven
Working with Raven and Fresh Variety was seamless for Virtual Programming. Raven was very professional, and I was impressed with how tech-savvy her setup was for the virtual divination. The event filled up within the week of posting the sign-ups. Every piece of feedback I received from the event from students was positive and everyone loved it.
Kendall Long, Ohio University
Thank you again for working with us and providing a great and lively experience for Eastern students! You were very easy to work with and always enthusiastic which is highly appreciated. I look forward to seeing other virtual entertainment offerings you provide in the future!
Ryan Tarko, Eastern Connecticut University