Michael Kent

Michael Kent

Comic, Magician, Smart@$$!

There’s a reason Michael Kent has been named ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR by Campus Activities Magazine and MAGICIAN OF THE YEAR by The Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities. Michael gives magic a facelift with irreverent comedy and satire. His unique style of performing magic has made him a FAVORITE in over 500 college campuses he’s visited. Michael has performed for audiences all over the globe – from Hollywood, California to US Troops serving overseas. Many colleges and universities book him YEAR AFTER YEAR because students can’t wait to see the show again!

Career Highlights

Over 500 College/University Appearances

As seen on Penn & Teller Fool Us 


Voted “ENTERTAINER of the YEAR” by Campus Activities Magazine

Michael Kent

Virtual Magic Show

If your college events are canceled and you’re looking for online content to offer your students, I am offering a virtual online LIVE magic show. We’ve been busy all week scheduling these shows with colleges all over the country. This hour-long event will be exclusive to your students (only students with the URL will be able to attend and watch). Not only will I be performing amazing magic for the camera, but students are able to interact via the chat (naming playing cards, colors, etc. to participate in the magic). The show is professionally produced and broadcast live from my home studio.