Kilted Colin

Kilted Colin

Comedy + Circus + Bagpipes
Kilted Colin pushes the boundaries of what you thought could be done in a kilt… A circus performer with style but not grace. Whether he’s dancing his way across the stage or charming you with his quick wit, his natural charisma makes him an absolute joy to watch. He will play his bagpipes into your ears and then your hearts all whilst clambering on top of his 10-ft unicycle. If there’s one thing this man knows, it’s how to dress and how to impress.
Colin does more on a 10-ft unicycle than anybody thought possible! Bagpiping while juggling and playing a medley of songs like ACDC’s Thunderstruck and Queen’s We will Rock You, this is an act you won’t want to miss.

Career Highlights

Comedy Central

Invited to perform in 9 Countries

“Colin is one of our favourites of all time!” – Downtown Kingston​ 

“If you haven’t watched Kilted Colin yet, we would 10/10 recommend” – Christchurch, NZ City Council