Percussion, Music, & Comedy
Truly like nothing you’ve ever seen before, JunNk is a highly-talented, award-winning music and comedy group that’s proving to be a massive hit all around the world. 
Using various items commonly found in a junkyard as their foundation, the four hilarious performers energetically combine superb a cappella singing, captivating percussion, innovative musical creations, and mesmerizing gymnastics to produce a lively, dynamic and seriously fun show that consistently delights audiences of all ages and nationalities.
From using bottles as panpipes and watering cans as trumpets to playing well-known tunes on drain pipes with flip flops and a PVC tube as a didjeridoo, this rubbish-powered variety show really is a unique and sensational whirlwind of pure entertainment that should definitely not be missed!

Career Highlights

“SPIRIT of the FRINGE” Award Winner at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

“ACT OF THE YEAR” – Event Awards 

Cruise Line Headliners