Jacob Mayfield

Jacob Mayfield

Mind Reader & Psychic Entertainer
Jacob Mayfield is a leading Mind Reader from Chicago. Mayfield specializes in a kind of magic called mentalism or mind reading. There will be no rabbits or top hats in his performances. Instead, get ready for telepathy, ESP, and psychic phenomena.
Mayfield holds a degree in music and has combined his two passions within his show. In his signature routine, not only does he divine the songs you’re thinking, he plays and sings them at the piano while blindfolded.
Jacob’s show is fully interactive. Unlike a traditional magician who works with props, Jacob works with the minds of the audience. Get ready for your students to be the stars of the show!

Tarot and Palm Readings are ideal campus entertainment! They can be done virtually or in person. Here are the basics for both options: 


  • A Bespoke Experience for Each Participant
  • Small Time Commitment for Participants
  • Can Be Hosted in Any High Traffic Space


  • Engage Commuter Students 
  • Reach Students Who Don’t Attend In-Person Events
  • Host on Zoom or Instagram