Corey Martin Craig

Corey Martin Craig

Zen in the Art of Troublemaking

Corey grew up in the Midwest where at 6 years of age he lost his father in a tragic accident. The next 7 years to follow Corey acted out and got into his fair share of trouble. Not until the eighth-grade did Corey stumble upon the one place where his rambunctious and outspoken nature was accepted and encouraged: Theater Class. Now unleashed, Corey began developing a real sense of his own artistic voice.

A twist of fate occurred when Corey was accepted into Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. He packed up and moved and embarked on a new life. He thrived in his new environment and overcame the labels that were placed on him as a “troublemaker.” He went on to win Outstanding student in TV/Film, Comedic accolades and was chosen to speak at graduation in representation of the theatre department. He has numerous TV and film appearances including but not limited to Godzilla, Shameless, Greys Anatomy, and The Guild. He also founded the Troublemaker Foundation, an organization that inspires youth to achieve their potential through goal setting.

Corey’s lecture revolves around three key areas that are crucial for youth: Accept, Empower, Achieve. He challenges others to pay it forward, and cause a positive ripple effect. He is engaging, funny, and interactive.

Career Highlights

As seen on Grey’s Anatomy, Superstore, Godzilla, and more!

TEDx Speaker

“Your message hit me just when I needed it.” – National Education Association