The Power of Persistence Lecture

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The Power of Persistence: How Failure Leads to Success

“I teach organizations that it’s ok, and NECESSARY, to fail.” – Mark

Program Description:

World Yo-yo Champion Mark Hayward screwed up on national television, and it was the BEST day of his career. He wants to tell your audience why. Mark knows all about turning failure into success. He is a highly regarded and critically acclaimed comedy entertainer and speaker, and he shares the hard-won lessons he has learned from the streets of New York City, all the way to Shanghai. Mark believes that the lessons from his stories will help your organization become a better, more positive and successful place to work.

In “The Art of Failure: How Failure Leads to Success” Mark uses his vast experience with success and failure to highlight the importance of perseverance, determination, and a positive environment with supportive relationships. Through his performance stories and amazing skills, Mark proves that the 10,000+ hours he spent honing his craft helped him become a World Champion, and he highlights the tools he uses to turn failure into success. Audiences leave understanding those tools, and that failures are a vital and indispensable part of the journey toward success.

"WOW! That was exciting!."

– David Letterman

"The man’s brain is a national treasure."

– Jerry Martin – JUGGLE Magazine

"We will definitely have him back next year."

– Vic Thomas, Milwaukee Summerfest


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