{ Trist N Shout: Unique Balloon Creations }


Trist N Shout are balloon entertainers that are truly sassy and twisted! From stunning bling for the ladies to insanely cool creations for the guys. These ladies stretch latex art to a whole new level. They put the ZING in amaZING with balloon art that will make your event POP!.. Well, not literally, that would be bad. Find out why everyone loves Trist N Shout!

"Just want to say you were AMAZING! The students absolutely loved your balloons! It was a great novelty that made students standing in line have tons more fun. I really appreciate your hard work in making it happen."

– Tom Balestracci, Southern New Hampshire University

"The detail you put into each balloon creation still amazes me!"

– Jen Kritsis, Party Planner